Pastoral care and counsel

... in life questions,

... in crisis situations,

... in search of belief and in doubt about it:

Harald Kreßmann                                   Gabriela Roter Göken
Office: 09131 / 24146                               Office: 09131/24146         
Consulting hours by arrangement            

Possibility to confess by:

Pater Joe Übelmesser SJ, Pater Dantscher SJ

Pater Joe Übelmesser SJ                        Pater Jörg Dantscher SJ
Tel.: 09115104848                                Tel:09112346212 /Privat: 01726865877                 
always Tuesdays before                        possibility to confess and have a spiritual consultation
and after the service                              always Sundays before or after the
from 17:30 p.m, with appointment         service for university´s students
                                                                with appointment